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Scissor Ergonomics

Scissor Ergonomics

What handle design is best for you?  Does it really matter?  Ergonomics plays an important role in our production of beauty salon cutting tools.  The most important factor to keep in mind when choosing a shear is comfort.



Cutting Techniques BLUNT CUT A blunt cut is a precision cut with no layers.  It is used to create sharp lines and to hold the shape of certain ...

Lefty vs Righty

Lefty vs Righty

What is the difference between a left handed scissor and a right handed scissor?

Shear Care 101

To get the most enjoyment from your shears and to keep them working at their peak, you must take care of them.  Shears that are damaged due to corr...

What is the difference between a Fade & Taper

As a hairdresser, you may cut mens hair. As a Barber, you definitely are. If you have a customer walk in and request a fade or taper, do you know t...

Improving your Precision Cuts

Straight, dramatic lines are the signature of a precision cut.  This geometric cut is recognized by precise edges and clean angles.  Follow these t...

Dry Hair Cutting - What scissors work best

Dry hair cutting is becoming a popular trend for many reasons.  Learn about the two most popular styles of dry hair cutting scissors, the Sword Blade & the K-Blade

When should you sharpen your shears?

More than anything related to scissor care, stylists seem to be unsure about when to sharpen their shears.  As beauty shear manufacturers and shar...