Inochi Payment Plans

As of 2/1/2018, Inochi Shears is happy to announce our online Payment Plan.  We have thoroughly researched our options and have decided to integrate our Online Store with, a completely safe and effective means to allow you to make a deposit and monthly payments on your new shear.

How it works:

After you have decided on your Inochi Shear(s), you will find yourself at our Basket Page.  You will see a blue button that says "Payment Plan Available -".  Once pressed, you will be required to create a free account in order to customize your plan.  Your options will include a deposit between 30%-50%, and a monthly payment plan between 3-5 months long.  You will be required to consent to agreement of the terms, and then you will receive your Inochi Shears shortly after.

We hope that offering this Payment Plan will allow all hair cutters access to our High Quality, Hair Cutting Scissors.