Why Inochi

Our dedication to educate stylists is shown by the passion in the shears we produce and the services we perform.  You will find each pair of our handcrafted professional scissors reflects unmatched precision, form, finish, and function.  Inochi shears are manufactured from some of the best steel available, to outlast and outperform many scissors from other brands.  Our meticulous attention to detail is evident in our lightweight, perfectly balanced shears we design.  The well defined ride line and hollow ground areas result in a longer lasting, smoother, buttery cut and feel.  Regardless of the technique or style in which you perfect your art, your creativity will shine using Inochi.

Our commitment to excellence doesn't stop there.  It is also reflected in our reconditioning/sharpening service using state of the art Japanese techniques.  As an innovator of a special hand honing process, only available at Inochi, we use a multiple step process to bring your edge to life in our Shear Sharpening Service.  We believe you deserve the best, don't settle for industry standards, choose the industry leader, Inochi.