Professional Shear Sharpening



As an industry leader, Inochi Shears commitment to you, the creative professional, is reflected in our reconditioning/sharpening services. We have developed innovative processes using state of the art techniques. The result is a longer lasting, smooth, buttery cut.

When you consider the cost of your cutting tools and all that is involved with you becoming the artist you are, it only makes sense to treat yourself to the highest quality service available.

If a shear is serviced incorrectly the integrity of the shear will be compromised and its life shortened.  Most sharpeners are not fully trained in advanced techniques that are often required to make the scissor cut like new.  Too many sharpeners use a “grinding method” which tends to remove more metal than necessary and overheats the edges. The result - shorter edge life. 

Our specialized service involves multiple steps including: 

  • hand honing
  • particular emphasis to the horseshoe and ride lines
  • balancing 
  • bow and set 
  • bumper and washer replacement as needed, 
  • proper tension setting 
  • lubrication
  • thorough cleaning 
  • high polish
  • free return shipping

Inochi solves the problems created by other scissor sharpeners. Being experts at our profession, we can fix all scissor problems with one exception – there is no way to replace metal that has been prematurely removed.

For over 20 years, Inochi has been a industry leader in their Shear Sharpening Services throughout Southern California.  If you are a Stylist in San Diego County, Orange County, or Riverside County and need your scissors sharpened, don't hesitate to call, as we have the industries best mobile shear sharpeners.  


"I have been looking or someone to sharpen my shears for a while now. I got the Inochi number from a friend of mine that said great things. I honestly could not be happier. He showed up to our appointment promptly and got the job done. I can't believe he comes to you and sharpens your shears at such an affordable price! My shears are my babies and I would not just trust anyone with them. I will be commending many more stylists to him! Thank you Inochi." - Lizbeth R.