The Art of Dry Cutting


What you see is what you get.  A huge benefit of performing a dry haircut is knowing exactly how your guests hair will look when their visit with you is concluded.   When cutting  wet you are in effect guessing where the hair will relax when dry.  When hair is wet the follicle is filled with moisture making it abnormally plump and heavy resulting in longer lengths.  The final look becomes very unpredictable, as the hair dries it gradually shrinks in length.  Therefore, when cutting dry, gone is the surprise that the hair was cut too short or not short enough.

Can different textures of hair be cut dry?  What about my clients with fine, thin hair?  Or those with thick, full hair?  Will dry cutting be a wise choice for my clientele with curly, kinky, and coily hair?

Your lovely ladies with fine and thin hair can expect a style with added volume, desired texture, and precise layers.  Those rocking thick, full hair will love dry cutting results as well.  It will help to develop smart and manageable layers, add movement, and create a cleaner haircut overall.   Dry hair cuts are ideal for anyone with curly, kinky, and coily hair in particular.  Curly hair that is really textured tends to shrink when dry and is stretched out when it is wet.  Cutting textured hair dry helps maintain length when cutting so you’re able to see the texture in its true and natural state.  A dry cut will only benefit your curls, not hurt them!

It's time to ditch the notion of “traditional" wet haircut methods and designs.  Climb out of your comfort box and experience the freedom that a dry cutting technique brings.  Let your guest experience the cut that is best suited for their unique hairstyle and type.

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