Cutting Techniques


A blunt cut is a precision cut with no layers.  It is used to create sharp lines and to hold the shape of certain styles. This type of cut works great for people who want a sleek, clean look.  Look for a bevel edge or convex edge shear to achieve this technique.


This cut is produced by cutting the hair at an angle.  Textured hair cuts add structure and volume to the hair.  A convex edge shear is preferred.


Slide cutting is a technique of texturing the hair and removing bulk by sliding your shears – held slightly open – along the length of the hair. The technique is also referred to as “slithering”. Using a varying amount of pressure, you can remove more or less hair and create a smoother finish than many texturing (bulk-removing) techniques. The result is akin to razor-cutting.  A convex edge shear is a must for this cutting technique because its sharp edges allow for a better and smoother sliding action. 


Point Cutting is a technique where thin segments of the hair are combed up, held between the fingers and points are cut into the hair using the scissors pointing inward toward the scalp. The effect can be very subtle or very chunky, depending on the width and depth of the points cut into the hair. Point cutting is typically used to add texture and interest to the style, as well as to remove bulk and balance the hair in areas where it may be too thick.  A longer convex edge shear is a good choice for this type of cutting.


Scissors are shaken vertically or horizontally when cutting to create a feeling of lightness while adjusting the length and amount of hair.

A convex edge is the edge of choice for this technique and an opposing handle is preferred by some stylists.


This technique is as it says, cutting dry hair.  Cutting dry allows the cutter to create an airy, messy look desired by many.  It gives a tussled appearance and movement that brings hair to life.  We have created special shears to create these results that can be found in our Platinum section. Consider a shear with either a sword blade or k-blade.